manage all of yourcustomer interactionsefficiently at interactify

Interactify is the essential business solution for managing all of your
customer interactions, including voice, chat, email and social media.

What's Interactify?

Interactify is a business solution that aims to provide superior management for Voice and Non-Voice interactions. By providing cost effective enterprise level services, small to mid-size businesses now have the ability to organize and manage their interactions without the up-front setup fees, hardware costs, extra paperwork or inflexible long term commitments. Pay only for the services you use and even keep your legacy software and hardware, as Interactify doesn't require you to purchase any hardware. Using our modern web based application, simply plug in a USB headset and start taking voice interactions now! For supervisors and agents who prefer a physical phone, we do support most modern Voice Over IP (VOIP) hardware, such as Cisco desktop phones.

Take your customer interactions to the next level!


  • Live Web Chat

    Relieve pressure off of traditional voice channels with our integrated live web chat feature. Engage with your customers across multiple channels, create chat and voice projects and manage interactions for sales support and other purposes.

  • Social Media

    Stop giving out sensitive social media data like company usernames and passwords. When a customer inquires about your company or posts on your social media page, Interactify can take that customer communication and route it to the agent best suited to handle the request.

  • Email & SMS Support

    Worried that your customer emails are not getting the attention they deserve? Give priority to customer requests by eliminating the need of inbox checking. Emails are routed in queue to the appropriate agents and the system ensures that the customer requests are met.

Inbound Services

  • Instant Number Provisioning

    Expand your reach with access to US Domestic/Toll Free and International phone numbers.

  • Automated Call Distribution

    Queue your incoming calls and automatically disperse them to the appropriate agents. Answer calls in the order they’ve been received and provide clients with estimated wait times.

  • Skills Based Routing

    Disperse calls to the right agent every time. Direct calls, chats and other forms of interaction to the agent with the best skill set to handle the requests of the inbound caller.

  • Interactive Voice Response

    Our completely customizable Interactive Voice Response system allows for enterprise level phone interactions with clients. Interactify’s IVR allows you to implement custom greetings, holiday prompts and voicemails.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    See what’s happening in your call center in real time right from our customizable control panel. Handle issues quickly and assure the quality of agents in handling customer issues. Control the entire operation from a single dashboard and stop any problems before they start.

  • Computer Telephony Integration

    Integrating your applications with telephony will increase productivity and allow for remote agents. Coordinate your telephone and computer interactions, control and route calls, pre-populate screens with customer information and much more.

  • CRM Integration

    Upgrade to our Intermediate plan and get 2 custom CRM integrations. Giving your agents a unified experience, you can add new functionalities such as Click to Dial, Data Synchronization, Screen Pops that pull data from your existing apps and more.

  • Call Recording

    Never under-estimate the value of call recording. Track and monitor the quality control of all of your agents and improve your organization's ability to train new employees based on these recordings of real world interactions. Archive specific interactions for future purposes.

Outbound Services

  • Predictive Dialer

    Powered by sophisticated algorithms, data that is gathered from previous calls made by agents allows the system to know exactly how many calls need to be placed and times the calling precisely based on the availability of your agents.

  • Agent Scripting

    Ensure uniformity, increase agent productivity, and reduce communication errors with custom agent based scripts. Agent scripts automatically pre-populate for each call.

  • Voice Broadcasting

    Broadcast prerecorded messages instantly to countless call recipients with our Voice Broadcasting system. Great for campaigns, marketing and sales. Try our free, in house prompt production today!

  • Text to Speech

    No time to do custom audio production? No problem. With Interactify’s Text to Speech feature, you can create prompts on the fly. Choose between 5 computerized voices and simply type what you want it to say. Perfect for one time announcements.

  • Blended Agent

    Agents can handle inbound and outbound calls at the same time. Calls are automatically routed based on availability.

  • DNC Compliance

    Comply with existing Federal prohibitions relating to calls and other forms of communication.

Remote Supervision

  • Interaction Monitoring

    Listen in on your agents to maintain proper quality control.

  • Chat with Agents

    Directly chat with your agents regardless of their availability.

  • View Agent Screen

    With a click of a button, you can see your agent’s screen and monitor what they are doing. Great for remote agents.

  • One Way Agent Message

    Similar message broadcasting, you can send one way messages to individual agents. Update them about their performance, policy violations, etc.

  • Agent Call Recording

    In addition to automatically recording calls in the admin manager, you can also record individual calls while using the Agent Monitoring feature.

  • Message Broadcasting

    Send important messages regarding incentive structures, scheduling notifications, and more using Interactify’s Message Broadcasting feature.

  • Whisper Coaching

    Listening on a call and a customer tells you one thing but your experience tells you that they really mean something else? Coach agents on a separate channel during interactions without being heard by customers.

  • Supervisor Logout

    Log the agent out with a message explaining the reason why this action has taken place. The supervisor can also reset the agent’s password at the same time, requiring the agent to speak to the supervisor before they can log back in.

  • Join Agent & Remote Disconnect

    When an agent violates terms of conditions or is unable to handle an interaction by themselves, a supervisor can join in on the conversation and opt to disconnect the agent’s channel and completely take over.

Agent Productivity

  • Wrap Up

    Prevent new interactions from being routed to the agents before they are able to complete the necessary tasks related to the interaction they just completed. Enable this feature to give your agents a specific amount of wrap up time.

  • Outcomes

    When an interaction ends, prompt your agents to disposition the call. Gain valuable insights to understand how your agents resolve issues and the outcomes of any interaction. This data is available to use in the Interactify reporting.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Get custom metrics and data that allow you make wise business decisions. Choose from prebuilt reports or make custom reports while viewing everything on one dashboard.